Russel Elementary Holiday Singing

Aidan, Riley and Classmates Sing Out

December 18, 2013

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Aidan and Riley, two of our grandkids, had a holiday singing performance at their school. My hat is off to the teachers and music instructors -- it's hard for us to keep just our two occupied and attentive!

Play_0003_20131218 Play_0014_20131218 Play_0009_20131218
Aidan hmmm, a different kind of singing...

The Kindergarteners were not going to be able to stand still much longer, so we switched over to them.

Play_0018_20131218 Play_0026_20131218 Play_0031_20131218

Play_0034_20131218 Play_0037_20131218 Play_0040_20131218 Play_0049_20131218
Attentiveness is not our forte... The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Play_0050_20131218 Play_0055_20131218 Play_0056_20131218 Play_0057_20131218
Five Golden Rings... Or was it Three French Hens?
Four Calling Birds?
Two Turtle Doves?
Definitely Five Golden Rings.
Maybe... I see one holdout
for Four Calling Birds...
We'll drown him out.

Play_0060_20131218 Play_0061_20131218
Hmmm, a critical eye or ear?

I can't remember which song it was, but Riley really got into the next one.

Play_0065_20131218 Play_0071_20131218 Play_0078_20131218 Play_0079_20131218
Play_0080_20131218 Play_0081_20131218 Play_0082_20131218 Play_0083_20131218

Play_0084_20131218 Play_0085_20131218
So... which Magazine are we Modeling for?

Uh-oh, the first graders are getting restless, time to switch back.

Play_0087_20131218 Play_0091_20131218 Play_0097_20131218 Play_0105_20131218

Play_0106_20131218 Play_0107_20131218 Play_0109_20131218

Play_0112_20131218 Play_0114_20131218 Play_0115_20131218
Nice Gingerbread Man, Aidan! Huh, what's so great about his?

Play_0124_20131218 Play_0125_20131218 Play_0131_20131218
Enthusiasm is a great thing. Go Santa!

Play_0142_20131218 Play_0143_20131218 Play_0144_20131218

Play_0146_20131218 Play_0147_20131218

Play_0170_20131218 Play_0171_20131218 Play_0180_20131218
All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth, yes my Two Front Teeth!

Play_0183_20131218 Play_0184_20131218
A little advice is sometimes a good thing...