The Springs Kitchen Band

You Didn't Know You had an Orchestra in your Kitchen?

July 11, 2013

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"The Springs" is a retirement home in Missoula, Montana, where great grandma Dorothy lives. They held a big event this past weekend, the "Country Springs Roundup." As part of that event, the residents had formed a kitchen band, and in it great grandma Dorothy played the canning jar lids and tin can.

Dorothy Dorothy
Dorothy on
Canning Jar Lids
Dorothy and Vera Renman

Xxx Washtub Base and Yyy Kettle Drums
Yyy Kettle Drums and Xxx Washtub Base

The Springs Kitchen Band
Great Grandma Dorthy in the Springs Kitchen Band

I recorded the three tunes they played and uploaded them to You Tube. You should be able to search for "Springs Kitchen Band" to find them, but in case not, try the links below. The originals are HD videos but I don't have enough room on my server to post them there.

The Springs Kitchen Band Performances on YouTube