Women's March

Helena, Montana


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After the disaster of the U.S. election in 2016, Dona and I felt compelled to attend the Women's March in our state of Montana. It was cold but tolerable, at least not -20F as it had been the previous week. We heard the organizers were expecting around 4,000 participants; one estimate was that at least twice that many showed up. The huge participation is a testiment to the amount of outrage this election and Mr. Trump have generated. I have never seen anywhere close to this many people at a rally in Montana.

To all those who showed up I extend a heart-felt "Thank You!" for your participation and dedication to making our democracy whole again. I'm sure this will not be the last rally of importance in the next few years. Please take the time to show up again, and bring your friends. Bring your own signs expressing your outrage, your reality; as you can see there is plenty to be outraged about.

I was delighted to see the number of young people at this event; too many important political events of late have had a preponderance of older people. Our democracy needs active, involved, younger citizens. Thank you all; it will be a long march before it is over.

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