Outdoor Trips Close to Home in Montana

Makoshika and Medicine Rocks State Parks
Wayne Trzyna and I floated Young's Creek and the South Fork of the Flathead
We counted Sage Grouse strutting their stuff
Napa Ridge, October 2013
A Hike up Sunday Mt. with Sid, October 2013
Clearwater Lake, October 2013
A Float on the Blackfoot, July 2013
South Fork Flathead with the Kloetzel-Morgan Clan, August 2012
Hike on Ovando Mt. with Dona and Sid, June 2012
Sun River Game Reserve Pack Trip, October 2011
Sambo's First Pack Trip, August 2010
Scapegoat Ride and Hike, July 2010
Scapegoat Pack Trip, August 2009
Missouri River Breaks, September 2009
Scapegoat Pack Trip after a Fire, October 2007
Glacier Hiking, August 2007
Lazy Blackfoot Canoe Trips, July 2007
Hike up Windy Pass, July 2007
Hike to Turquoise Lake, July 2007
Hike up the Dearborn, July 2007
Morrell Falls, July 2007
Climbing Mt. McDonald in the Mission Mountains, October 2006
Exploring Sluice Boxes State Park, September 2006
Exploring the Dearborn and Scapegoat Mountain, September 2006
Missouri River float, Walk in the Trees, August 2006
Exploring around Turquoise Lake, August 2006
Summer pack trip into the Bob, August 2006
Hike up Ovando Mountain, July 2006
Low Water Fishing, July 2006
Ride up Monture Creek to Burnt Cabin, June 2006
Day trip on the Dearborn River, May 2006
Long day ride up Falls Pt, October 2005
Last Pack Trip, October 2005
Fall Color Ride, October 2005
Scapegoat Pack Trip, September 2005
Day Trip up Ovando Mountain, September 2004
Weekend Pack Trip with Lynde, July 2004
Messing Around in Glacier Park, August 2002
Backpack to Mollman Lakes, July 2002
Missouri River Float Trip, July 2002
Dearborn River Float Trip, June 2002
Hike up Spread Mountain, Jun 2002
Hike to North Fork Falls, May 2002
Pack Trip in the Bob, August 1999